I rest my case. You have no more explaining to do because what you just said is so totally right

Synonyms: I live, I stan, wig
Coke Zero is the best ever, I rest!
Mattie your outfit is so bomb, rest!
Grace - “I passed my exam, rest!”
by Grattie December 5, 2018
To say "I rest my case" means therefore that, as far as you are concerned, you've done more than enough to prove your point, and need say no more.
John: "You know your problem, Bill? You're far too quick to descend to insulting people who disagree with you."

: Bill: "Don't be ridiculous! That's the sort of thing only a complete idiot would say."

: John: "I rest my case..."
by Will-Xu November 5, 2008
Butt-head's pun of "i rest my case" as uttered in the episode "The Trial".
And thus, we can conclude that my theory is correct. I rest on your face.
by dub_version July 8, 2015