When in the course of a conversation one party communicates his or her total understanding of the particular topic or situation. This is often followed by some sort of action by that person that establishes an agreement and/or commitment to complete or follow through with a transaction in the very near future.
Yo, I got that piff that raw, holla at me

I already copped tonight, but ah mo hit you up tommorow

Aight, say no more, you already know

by GAANZ June 17, 2008
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Old Ghetto slang white People have adopted from blacks in order to fit in, typically means ok there’s no need to finish this conversation. Whites that use this term aren’t intended to be taking seriously
Alright bro say no more it’s done it’s over man fuck it fuck it all
by stankus September 2, 2020
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a term used for confirming acceptance of said suggestion; syn; bet, okay, say less, dunzo, rog,
Guy 1: Lets go tag team those ladies over there!
Guy 2: They are 4's
Guy 1:But we are 2's
Guy 2:Bitch, I'm a 3!
Guy 1: Bet
Guy 2:Bet
Guy 1: So that's a yes?
Guy 2: Say no more fam

Guy A: ZTA is having a bubble party, you wanna go?
Guy B: say no more fam
by Frankstyn Ramson June 28, 2017
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A slang term used to express excitement and eagerness to hear more from someone. It can be used as a goodbye, a way to show interest in what someone is saying, or simply as a way to keep the conversation going.


"I really enjoyed our conversation. Say more."
"See you never, nerd! Say more"
"I'm going to go now, but I'll be back later. Say more."
by Leonarmil June 13, 2023
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