Something noobish Korean players say when they play Liero. It's said even though nobody cares.
Me: We'll start the game in a second.
Korean player: gogogogogogo
Korean player: i r korea
*I kick him/her*
by Mike Woody October 7, 2007
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A person who chooses to ignore all common sense,using the phrase as a excuse.Drawing inspiration from the popular cartoon character I R Baboon.
Archaic-A stupid person with a red butt.
Guy 1-Weren't the oozing warts a a dead give-away??

Guy 2(itches crotch area)-Aww What the fuck,i banged her anyway...I R Baboon i guess
by Medulla Oblongata July 11, 2008
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A phrase used to draw attention to the fact that you are a pair of pants.

See also CTRL+ALT+DEL, Chef Brian
I R Pant!
Marshmallow rainbow supreme!
by omegabyte December 10, 2004
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(Melbourne Australia Shaolin dialect) acronym for Keep It Real. Used to appropriate regulation over certain individuals that continually exaggerate their greatness; put someone back in their place after offering incredulous
- hey I saw Beyonce at a club last nite and she asked me back to her hotel room
- man, K.I.R., you toolio
by Mikey C-izzle July 18, 2003
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i r hungry is a way of saying i am hungry. it makes you cool. read the following conversation between jim and sarah to get a feel of it.
jim- i r hungry, make me a sammich woman before i beat you
sarah - im a tranny
by vfnkb February 1, 2007
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