3 definitions by Mikey C-izzle

(Melbourne Australia Shaolin dialect) acronym for Keep It Real. Used to appropriate regulation over certain individuals that continually exaggerate their greatness; put someone back in their place after offering incredulous
- hey I saw Beyonce at a club last nite and she asked me back to her hotel room
- man, K.I.R., you toolio
by Mikey C-izzle July 18, 2003
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( Melbourne Australia shaolin dialect) a socially misadjusted individual that tries tooo hard to be cool.
that guy humming "Wild Wild West" by Will Smith is a real toolio.
by Mikey C-izzle July 17, 2003
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(Melbourne Australia Shaolin context)
wannabe black tryhard kids on the streets of down under. Usually from middle class upbringings. It's not the fact that they wear FUBU, but rather the manner in which they wear it.
by Mikey C-izzle July 17, 2003
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