The feeling you get when you go outside in the winter, your jacka&% brother took all the shower water, or you ate ice cream to fast.
When they were floating down the canal, it felt as if they had hypothermia, (not to be confused with pneumonia, as a woman by the side of the canal explained).
by Clara-Imogen November 02, 2019
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When you feel like you're actually going to die from cold weather, and everything is numb; extremely low temperature.
It's so cold, I feel like I'm about to get hypothermia.
by suspicious_pandicorn February 20, 2018
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sexual term-when you take a rubber glove, fill it with water, position it to your choosing, freezing it and using it as a dildo
girl: hey it was nice having hypothermia last night
by matsh December 02, 2010
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when you use your phone while it charges and it loses battery faster than it charges and it eventually dies
stevie wonder: goddamn it, my phone contracted phone hypothermia

jebron lames: has it died?

stevie wonder: yeppy smeppy
by JLames_06 June 16, 2018
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A condition where a person falls prey to hypothermia by not wearing appropriate clothing in an urban environment.

This condition generally affects people who are trying to show off their rad tan, biceps or new tatto sleeve in cold weather.
"Dude, Jayden is in hospital.
What happened?
We met up for a macchiato and he was only wearing a singlet so he could show off his sweet new sleeve. One minute we were sipping micro-foam and the next he was out... The doc said it sounded like a classic case of urban hypothermia."
by GreeneryTheSecond July 11, 2012
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Opposite of Jungle Fever, A condition that a black (or any nonwhite) person gets when they become sexually/romantically attracted to a white person. The term comes from the fact that white people evolved in the cold caves of Europe.
Example 1 Tyrone: Ay mane why do all dem famous Uncle Tom azz niggaz be chasin white cave bitches all the got damn time?
DeAndre: Those brothas are suffering from a severe case of Cave Hypothermia!
Tyrone: Fuk dem white hoez cuh! I only date my beauiful nubian sistaz!
DeAndre: Me too God! I stay inside my race bruh!
by Revolutionary Black Gangster December 05, 2010
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There used to be alot of muff, but then the Brazilians killed it all. Now vaginal hypothermia is up 350%!
by jw5801 November 09, 2006
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