A person that is half white half black.
John is a macchiato.
by Jester's Goddess December 2, 2009
A Starbucks beverage: steamed milk and vanilla syrup with the espresso shot(s) poured through the foam, topped with carmel drizzle. Also available iced.
"I would like a tall carmel macchiato"
by PervyBum12 October 5, 2008
A starbucks drink. Starbucks defines it as: 1 shot of espresso in a demitasse topped with a small dollop of foamed milk.
by morgan ♥ September 3, 2006
used to refer to the skin tone of someone of Latin decent
Maria has such pretty macchiato skin!
by sassylatinamama July 21, 2011
A delicious drink that starbucks has made their own. It can be served iced or hot. It is a layer of each: vanilla syrup, milk, with espresso, and finally caramel.
When you sip the wonderful concoction that is known as the Caramel Macchiato, that Starbucks made their signature drink, you taste: the rich vanilla syrup, the frothy milk, the bitter espresso, and then the sweet caramel. And you sigh a sweet heavenly release of pleasure.
by Catrice July 3, 2007
When you put a turd in your iced coffee.
I went to Starbucks and ordered an Istanbul macchiato, and the barista didn't know what that was.
by Jgsc43 August 6, 2017