a person who says one thing, but does another
Jackie is such as hypocrite. She says she hates bands with women in them, yet she likes Killing Heidi. That band has a woman in it. What a hypocrite.
by Karen Stickney July 16, 2006
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Someone who makes and joins a facebook page complaining about people joining and making facebook pages.
Joe Bob became a fan of "Stop fanning stuff!! It's annoying"


Joe Bob became a fan of "Im a hypocrite!!! Shoot me please!!"
by NOTaHYPOCRITE April 16, 2010
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One who criticizes for doing something then turns around and does the very thing to which he was objecting.
Saying that people need to get the sand out of their vagina for being too strict about following the rules and then being a douche a minute later in order to prove a baseless point.
by Angry Mob April 24, 2005
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a person who says one thing then does the opposite of that thing, or something other than that thing

a word often used when talking politics, but shouldn't be taken seriously.

EVERYONE is a hypocrite. hypocrisy is inevitable.

speaker A: "Wow, George Bush is a hypocrite!"
speaker B: "Wow, you are too!"
by star234gurl June 26, 2006
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One who feigns qualities or morals they do not truthfully possess.
"Why do morons try to tell each-other that hypocrite literally means 'One who does something that he tells other people not to do'? Don't they know how to read a real fucking dictionary?"
by The Dark Lord Penisface December 30, 2005
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Someone who says that they would never do something or never be like someone, yet turns around and does the thing that they say that they will never do.

Someone who says that they can do something but fails to do what they say they can do.

Someone who is a fake.

Someone who tries to live up to standerds that they can not live up to.

Someone who says they hate something but when someone else says they like it, they turn around and say they like it too. (A follower)
A:"I hate wearing the color orange."

B:"Oh...orange is my favorite color."

A:"OMG! Me too, I totally agree."

B:"Your such a hypocrite."
by Lasagna Kangaroo April 04, 2006
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Someone who can call their friend a slut, but has a problem with somebody who's not a friend calling them a slut or using the word slut, is by definition the worst kind of hypocrite. Like an asshole who does not know he's an asshole, this kind of hypocrite doesn't ever see who they really are, and is usually apologetic without knowing why they're apologetic or what for. It's better to do something on purpose and be a rude asshole about it than say you're sorry when you're full of shit and don't mean a word of what you say.
Another hypocrite who doesn't know it and thinks she's being treated unfair when somebody calls her a slut, why doesn't that impress people at the party anymore?
by Solid Mantis August 02, 2018
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