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the one friend who came in my life when i needed someone the most. she doesnt see any fuck ups in my life she doesnt judge. she laughs smiles and she cant see any bad in me. a very beautiful and pretty girl. who ever gets to meet this dayna is a very lucky person. dont treat her like shit or else ill bash you. she can stay on my mind for a long time thats just how it is. i hope i get to meet her one day :) i hope she knows how beautiful she is (L)
dayna is cool :)
by sexy boy :) June 06, 2014
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The most amazing girl in the world! Dayna is the type of girl that makes all the guys stop and stare. Dayna is seen as a player but only because the guys can't help but want her. She is the best definition of perfect. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Dayna is, the perfect girl, the only one that can change your world, the last beautiful girl out there that is not a mean or stuck up... Dayna is the perfect mix of beauty and brains. A Dayna will look amazing in anything, but purple is her colour and when she wears it there's no way you will stop the shine in her eyes! Her smile is the next best thing and is enough to make the cloudiest day bright and sunny!
Boy 1: "Damn, is that an angel"

Boy 2: "No dude, that's my girl, Dayna!"
by othermothereff April 11, 2011
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Dayna is an amazing girl. She’s extremely short but hella cute. She’s very shy but around close friends she comfortable with she will not stop talking! When she likes someone she is CRAZY. She tries to be subtle about it but EVERYONE knows she likes that one person. She’s sort of athletic and is OBSESSED with soccer, she’s very new to it but she’s actually kinda good. A lot of people know her and she knows a lot of people so I guess you can say she’s popular, she’s just not the type of person that trusts others very easily; she has a very small group of friends that she trusts. She is extremely caring, funny, nice, and trustworthy. A lot of boys have liked her , even though she might not think of it as a lot it’s actually quite a bit XD she also will literally stay up till 3 with you to talk and try to make you feel better like I don’t know anyone else who would do that. She’s EXTREMELY smart except her grades don’t show that very well and it’s kinda sad. She’s very talented, like guys, she can play ukulele, piano, she knows 3 different languages, she slaps you really freeaking hard if you make her mad or something (after that she feels really bad and writes you a whole essay on why she’s sorry, depends who it is though) and shes a GOD at making video edits. Boys if she likes you don’t make the dumb mistake and ignore it, shes hella cute ;) also there’s a 50% chance of her running away if it’s a decent guy, so don’t feel bad that’s just her being extremely shy
Dayna is the best short asian ever you can’t do her like that
by Immafinneseu:) March 08, 2019
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An adjective used to describe the perfect entity, as in a god/goddess-like being. Or perfect in every sense. No flaw. No mistakes. Just simply perfect.
Maxwell is so Dayna
by squarepyramids November 06, 2008
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Pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. A person who is amazingly smart and talented in every way. A quality girl.
"I wish Dayna was my friend, so she could be awesome around me!"
by aSunFlower'sLife February 20, 2009
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Used too describe something very cool. commonly used to describe a cool person rather then activity.
that girl back there was so dayna.
dude, that's dayna.
by duna-donna-dayna October 27, 2007
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the reason the gang, "FUD" was started. Hopefully she will fall in some mud. She is one of the funniest people on earth and I love her to death. She's beautiful and athletic, and loveable.
person 1:
person 2:
I hope you fall in some mud!
by KITTYCAT54 March 25, 2011
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