Democrats that say one thing and do another.
Al Gore is such a hypocrat. He preaches about carbon foot prints, global warming, and tells people to stop consuming so much, yet he flies in private jets, lives in a mansion that guzzles electricity, and drives in giant motorcades of SUVs.
by JQwon April 24, 2007
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Hip-a-crat, a synonym for Democrat, it is the merging of the words hypocrite and democrat used to illustrate the democrats, especially liberal democrats propensity to engage in hypocrisy.
When Barry obama declared the US economy to be fundamentally sound last week, he must of forgot about his ridiculing of Sen. John McCain for saying the same thing a few months earlier, geez, what a hypocrat!
by coontruth March 17, 2009
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A democrat or a group of people who say something and do something else.
Its generally used by urban people.
Like Mr.dennis is a hypocrat , he advocated for me infront of Mr.len and backbites me from behind!
by Namsek March 28, 2008
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Comes from the english word “hypocrite/ damocrat.” Can be described as a judgmental person, who is in the wrong for their beliefs. Can be someone like Hillary Clinton, bad and judgy.
Hillary Clinton is a hypocrat.”
You are a hypocrat for thinking that...”
by Maddox :) December 09, 2019
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A politician who puts on a false appearance of virtue. A politician who is a hypocrite. A politician who says one thing while their actions speak otherwise.
Trudeau is such a Hypocrat for saying women should be listened to, then later fires two women cabinet ministers he refused to listen too.
by Menator April 13, 2019
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The hypocrats always preach about climate change and then hop on their private jet to spend the weekend in south of France
by Hahahaha🖕 February 11, 2021
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one(s) who are hypocritical in a way that they hate on you and other people, but then turn around and call you a hater
elondon: why are you always hatin'
Cazzyb: what are you talking about name one person i am hating on
elondon:blah blah blah facebook blah blah blah photo albums
-----next day-----
elondon(via text) to dirrty d.- blah blah blah did you here about fodizzle and blah blah blah... hatin'

Elondon is a prime example of a hypocrater
by Cazzyb February 23, 2010
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