New Zealand slang for someone who is eating or ate lots because of extreme hunger.
What a hungus guy”
“What a hungus”
“Stop being a hungus eah
by T-wishee May 26, 2018
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Used in New Zealand and Australia, meaning 'Hungry'; needing food.
"Man, I am so hungus right now, I could eat 10 Big Macs!"
by ______god November 30, 2009
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Hacker Slang:
perhaps related to slang humongous Large, unwieldy, usually unmanageable. The Infocom text adventure game Beyond Zork included two monsters called hunguses.
TCP is a hungus piece of code.”
“This is a hungus set of modifications.”
by Thralkhar September 21, 2008
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In New Zealand, sometimes used by children as a general derogatory term.
You're such a hungus, Sean!
by Robin Watson July 4, 2005
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Australian term, used to describe someone who is "hungry" for the ball when playing sports.
That Deano guy is a hungus!
by Pezz May 5, 2004
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A "ball-hog". See kayne.
Simon is such a hungus. We never get the ball.
by Eric May 7, 2004
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When a girl is sexually frustrated and is willing to sleep with anyone.
That girl is so hungus - she will definitely sleep with me.
by dj cunextfriday July 16, 2009
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