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When ones genital area smells of parmesan cheese. After physical activity, just lack of showering, or just because its a hot day.
"Man, I got really bad parm happenin right now."
by Chunk88 October 03, 2006
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abbr. for word 'parameter',commonly used among programmers.
Parms are passed in the $_GET or $_POST arrays, so they are extracted via $_REQUEST.
by opipa July 14, 2008
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abbr. for Chicken Parmesian, a food dish eaten at every major mealtime by a certain college student named Joe. "Parm count" became the term for the number of parm's Joe ate. The last count was 73, four months into the semester.
"What's the parm count at, Mazin?"

"He's eating parm again."

"This is good chicken parm."
by Leighto November 19, 2004
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Jim: Did you see that double nollie kickflip I did yesterday?
Bob: Yeah dude that was totally parm!
by mirr0r January 10, 2010
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n. Name given to someone who looks the part of a lesbian, but is not actually a lesbian. Part of a series of titles including β€œChicken” and β€œChicken Parm”. Chicken being someone who is a lesbian, but does not look the part, and Chicken Parm being someone who is a lesbian and also looks the part of a lesbian.

This term can be used as an adjective as well such as β€œparmy” in reference to someone or something that person is wearing.

This term originated at a gay bar in an attempt to classify the looks of a straight friend in the group.

Some parmy items include cargo pants, button downs, hiking boots, plaid, hats, etc.

Adj. Those jeans are so parmy.

by thingamagigsawpuzzled May 14, 2008
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