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Quite simply, while sitting at the dinner table enjoying a meal, the eater is also recieving a blowjob from underneath the table.
After a long day at work, Kevin was super pissed to find his wife had left to run errands. He had become acustom to getting a hungry man, but instead is left with little option but to just go ahead and eat by himself
by wolfmans brother October 27, 2011
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Gonorrhea of the throat. Usually acquired from a no-holds barred ATM free-for-all with some random sex addict that you just met on 4th Ave.
Doctor: "Gooch,you test positive for throatarrhea, did you have a penis in your throat at all?"
Gooch: "uhhh no"

Doctor: "are you sure?"

Gooch: "uhhh no"
Doctor: "no to which question?"
Gooch: "uhhhh"
by wolfmans brother September 25, 2018
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After 2 or more people take a crap in someone elses toilet, one right after another and leave it unflushed , the owner of the toilet unknowingly walks into the bathroom and finds multiple dumps piled high in his home toilet, and now has become an official full member of the "pile high club"
While Doug was at work, James and Jeff both dropped dueces in Dougs crapper. When Doug got home and hit the can, he discovered he had been accepted into the "pile high club"...his girlfriend was not impresssed.
by wolfmans brother October 26, 2011
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