"I tried to give analingus to my girlfriend, but she farted...I'm now a mormon priest."
by alreadygeeked89 February 16, 2005
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1) Eating ass
2) Rimming

cunnilingus : pussy :: analingus : asshole
Danny is kinky so he gave his girlfriend analingus
by jman March 26, 2005
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1. To toss one's salad
2. The eating of another's ass
Those prisoners could not get enough analingus from the toothless bandit.
by Mark Mendez September 19, 2005
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the art of licking the asshole to get your partner off.Most of the time your are doing what is called the reach around,which means while you're licking the asshole you're playing with your ladies pussy.Causing her double satisfaction,bringing her to a ground shaking orgasm
My baby likes when I lick her asshole( give her analingus) and play with her clit ,she really has a good strong orgasm
by dodirty417 September 22, 2010
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The anal version of cunnilingus. What R Kelly was doing to that 15 year old girl in the video. He was eatin' that ass like it was chicken Chow Mein.
Dr. Dre: What's fo dinna tonight?
Eminem: You know what's for dinner bitch! My ass punk!
Dr. Dre: Damn, why I got to have analingus fo dinna evry night...
Eminem: Did you say something bitch?
Dr. Dre: No, no, I was just makin' up a new rap.
by ITeachYou April 10, 2008
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The art(?) of cunnilingus but applied to the anal opening.
I would love to have you round to my place so you could practice your analingus


"You cunning analinguist!", she screamed...
by Anal Linguist February 16, 2006
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The art of performing oral sex to a willingly man or womans anus.
by shayleenasmythe April 3, 2010
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