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Hunching : to have some good sex.
Baby when I come home we hunching all night.
by FyahAblaze618 April 11, 2017

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Seven thirty 7:30 a person that will do something crazy or dangerous with no regards for their safety or the safety of others. They will even say things that will get them in violent situations with no regard.
Man she sliced all his tires bust his car windows then jumped in the car an crased it into the house. That bitch seven thirty.
by FyahAblaze618 January 03, 2020

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Durp Durp when someone act stupid or say or does stupid shit. Or just really retarded. They are a Durp Durp.
Deonte rode my bike to a bar chain it up near all the homeless people. When he came out it was stolen. What was he thinking, he wasnt he is a Durp Durp
by FyahAblaze618 January 03, 2020

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