Sex without penetrating one's partner. Usually the same as groping.
"Ooo, I'm going to tell ma that you two are back here hunching!"
by Mackendeez January 17, 2021
Bending over a Cellphone. Looking at a cellphone or iPad.
Everybody in the airport lobby is hunching. All the kids are hunchin' . Stop hunching and pay attention. Everyone hunching are texting or tweeting.
by Kleiboff March 9, 2014
passionately making love to another lover.
You weren't Hunching in my bed, were you?
by jumbalia jiji rogers October 21, 2010
a term usually use refered to humping or having sex
"ayy you be hunching yo man"
by naty696969 April 29, 2006
To have simulated sex, like "hump."

Growing up in Indiana, we used it in reference to a dog riding your leg.
"Hey, lookit! Ol' Blue's hunchin' Gramaw's leg again!"
by shebeest May 18, 2004
To dry hump ( rub your genitals on someone else's genitals with your clothes still on)
Why is AC and his dirty ass ho hunchin' in your whip fo?
by crackerbrittney September 4, 2005