A traditional mexican leather sandal used for beatings when a clothes hanger or belt isnt within reach.
by Hognmm April 28, 2019
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Huarache is a term used for gayass fuccbois, boys who wear Huarache shoes or both
Joey: Hey Ralle, Look how big a Huarache, Lucas is

Ralle: Ahaha yeah, he is such a faggot
by JWind June 18, 2015
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First released in 1991, the huarache is the shoe that gets sneaker heads hyped, and also the shoe that people who have no knowledge of shoes have no idea about.
Sneaker head says "huaraches"
Random person says "huh? What are they?"
Sneaker head "just the sickest shoe ever created"
by Yallknowthedeal February 12, 2015
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Also a word for loose women, or those who may tend to sleep around. Often found at your local bars or sorority houses.
Hey, Mike, let's go out tonight and slay us some huaraches!
by MadMike0222 February 8, 2011
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Huarches a pair of Nike brand shoes
Guy#1:hey did u see my new pair of huaraches
Guy#2:yeah bro you’re huaraches are really cool
by Haxhsbzhvx January 3, 2018
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april 29 is national huaraches day. where huaraches if u have them or ur an idiot.
john- "where your huaraches tomorrow."
jim- "why?"
john- "because it's national huaraches day, you don't wanna be left out."
by your.mom9247297 April 13, 2019
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The shoes the guy who stole your gf is wearing
Man 1: yo didn't you date Stephanie?

Man 2: Mannn Carlos took her from me the second he bought those Huaraches.
by Slim_pear May 2, 2022
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