a thing for an abotion
get the clothes hanger
by r3e3e3ee3e3e3 April 30, 2019
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The Clothes Hanger is the act of waking up from a long, usually drunken filled, night bare ass naked. On your trip to the bathroom, or wherever else in the house, you drape your boxers over your morning wood, using it as a clothes hanger. It is an excellent way to show your room mates that you got drunk and got some the night before.
Man 1: "So there I was sittin on the couch, and Ricky walks in and gives me a clothes hanger!"

Man 2: "Nice! That dude's such a character!"
by BreezeZilla August 21, 2007
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a gender, usually found in feminist and katy parry
You:"Oh Wasup Girl?" Clothing Hanger "The fuck did you just call me?! I am a Hanger!' YOU: "excuse me but..." Hanger "I WILL NOT HESITATE BITCH"
by What is my life any more> August 30, 2018
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sexual position where male inserts penis into womans vagina and lifts her up with her legs wraped around him. very hot position!
i wanted to try the italian clothes hanger with my girlfriend but when i went to i found out she was a he.

bitch lets do the italian clothes hanger!XD

by Miranda Hoyt November 26, 2008
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A nigga so skinny he could be compared to a clothing hanger.
Look at that skinny nigga clothing hanger, he'll never get any hoes on his dick if he doesn't start working out.
by bosschiefman March 5, 2019
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