Hazbin Hotel: the most kid friendly show in existence.

As of right now, there is only a single episode (being the pilot) created by Vivziepop, an experienced animator on YouTube. The episode follows Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she- okay no who am I kidding. If you want an actual summary, take a look at Wikipedia or watch the episode yourself.

Okay, so, we follow this girl named Charlie as she makes friends with a creepy deer guy who needs to brush his teeth, a cute little cyclops girl who is most definitely gonna kill someone, a bipedal alcoholic cat, and a mobster spider pornstar that fucks guys for a living. Oh yeah and there's also Vaggie. I love her but she's a bitch.
Kid 1: Hey, have you seen Hazbin Hotel?
Kid 2: No, what is it?
Kid 1: Ok so there's this gay spider dude named Angel Dust and-
Kid 2: Isn't Angel Dust the name of a drug-
Kid 1:
by [Insert creative name] December 27, 2019
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Twins Hotel is in the very heart of Hanoi, between the Old Quarter and ancient Temple of Literature. It offers affordable luxury accommodation and insghts into everyday life in Hanoi. Twins Hotel is nearby St. Joseph Cathedral and a short drive to many architectural and cultural attractions as well as business centres.
I really like drinking hot Rosie Lee at the pavement stands by the frog and toads in Hanoi. And I sat there, sipping at my Rosie Lee, and sometimes, I could hear news from the fellow drinkers and their comments on the social issues. I do think their comments and points of view on a given issue are good and useful for me but are sometimes bunk, and truly reflects their own views and factoids on that issue. Well, from my point of view, I do think that creates which is the so-called “variety is the spice of life”. In the UK-based Hyde park, there is a place called “Speakers’ Corner” where public speaking, debates and discussions take place and not to be out done, there are a lots of “Speakers’ Corner” on every corner and pavements in Hanoi. I think it’s much more democracy in Vietnam than in the UK. That activity is so popular in Hanoi, which leaves a long-lasting impression on me for sure. I will stay at Twins Hotel next time.
by Quan Cao Tien November 10, 2010
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Hotel Mario is a game made for the ill-received CD-i game system that has been used in recent years to create "Youtube Poop," a phenomenon that uses bits and pieces from Hotel Mario and the Zelda CD-i games to comic effect.
"...And YOU gotta help us!"

"I hope she made LOTSA SPAGHETTI!"

"If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the ENCLOSED INSTRUCTION BOOK"

"Didja bring a light?"

"It's hard to see through the clouds! I hope we can get ridda them. Get the hint?"

"It's been one'a those days..."

by That one dude... May 30, 2008
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A euphimism for "mind your own business". Mainly used by bros who can't speak on something their friend did without breaking the bro code. Originated from people on vacation who saw others (mainly those on business trips) in the hotel lobby engaging in behaviour that they most likely would not want anyone knowing about (particularly their spouses/families).
Example 1:
Guy 1: Yo that chick in the dress is snuffling a lot, and is getting way too feely with that guy who's clearly a male escort. She hasn't even taken off her wedding ring yet.
Girl 1: Ay man, hotel lobby. I'd hate to be her husband though.

Example 2:

Bro 1: Man that frat party last night was wild, we gotta do that next weekend!
Bro 2: Is it true that Bro 3 had a threeway? His girlfriend wouldn't stop texting him asking him where he was and all she got was an 8 ball pool!
Bro 1: If you wanna know, you gotta ask him yourself man. Hotel Lobby.
by TrapstarK September 6, 2021
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A fragrance created by Lady Gaga that smells like semen and blood.
Seth Myers(1):Excuse Me, but by any chance are you wearing Hotel Matress?

Seth Myers(2):No I'm not.

Seth Myers(1): So It's Just Semen and Blood?
by Alman42 February 8, 2011
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Japanese hotels that rent rooms by the hour for daytime use by couples.
Shibuya is the best place to take your girlfriend to a love hotel.
by kilkrazy June 27, 2005
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A Place where random people come to eat, sleep, and enjoy various types of entertainment for free
Get yo ass up, this aint no Hoe Hotel

That skeezer came over my house and tired to wash her clothes, I was like " what chu think this is, a Hoe Hotel?"
by Bjhjr May 17, 2009
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