Possibly one of the most boring towns in south-west Michigan. Populated by mostly rich people looking to settle down and have kids, the kids are usually stoners since there is nothing else to do in St. Hoe.
Kid 1: Hey, where are you from?
Kid 2: St. Joseph..
Kid 1: Oh, Got any ganja?
by JohnsFesteringTesticle March 30, 2010
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A town in Missouri filled with scary looking people. Some of them may look a little weary, but don't fret some them are normal like us.
Jane: "I grew up in St. Joseph."
Jack: "Are you sure your normal?"
by asdfqwertttt August 26, 2009
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An amazing little town in south west Michigan. Couldn't ask for much more!
Let's go to St. Joseph and eat at the Establishment
by sssk88 July 11, 2008
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St Joseph’s is a trash school where you get lied to on induction day. The actual school is hell it’s filled with hoes that smell like fish and the boys that think they r badmans the teachers are racist and probably suck toes the school is so bad that One class misbehaving is enough to make a teacher cry and get fired.
Person 1: “I’m planning on moving to st Joseph’s
Person 2: “DONT it’s terrible”
by Anon:)123 June 7, 2020
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Best school in singpore acsi can go fuck it self
SJi is such a good school man who would want to go to acsi . St Josephs institution
by Fuckerdog August 23, 2021
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For a catholic school, there are a LOT of gays. That is until you go to year 5 (Junior College) and meet girls where there's a 180 degree change and you become insanely obsessed over them. At 12 30pm, for the duration of 20 seconds, disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who claps or cheers. A picture of our founder, father of the de la salle schools, hangs eerily at the back of the class. Sit on the right side of the classroom, around the third seat from the front, and enjoy his heavenly gaze. So much for cheating on a test. Also, the school is too broke to give you staple bullets during examinations so you spend like 5 minutes panicking as you tie your essay papers. There's a water fountain where you are invited to rest your feet in, a maze, statues, artwork all around. At first glance it seems like a rich school, which is surprising considering the fact that we get little to no financial support from the government. Try our wifi during thunderstorms and feel the pain of our teachers and students. Performing Arts and sports CCAs are stressful, the current principal is an open liverpool fan and the teachers don't shy away from political incorrectness. Overall, great school. Very lively, especially when your favorite teacher starts scolding everyone and makes it into a joke. If you come here as a snowflake, we'll build you up into a man, motivating you through insults, pushes, butt slaps and all round wholesome advice. Seriously though, come here.
Guy 1: St Joseph's Institution (SJI) is better than RI
Guy 2: Yeah fuck those nerds
by guydudeig May 8, 2022
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The 8th largest city in Missouri, which no one has heard of. It is "famous" for being the birthplace of the Pony Express, Eminem, Walter Cronkite, and a couple of NFL players. Also home of THE MWSU. Meh, it's a decent place to live. The air quality is terrible however and it will be the death of us all.
Taking jogs at night in St. Joseph, MO is like trying to breathe on Mars without a spacesuit.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 January 23, 2013
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