for the people who don't enjoy camping, you can go hoteling. This could also be used for telling people where you stayed during a road trip where you stayed in multiple hotels

Ashley and I went hoteling over the summer.
by vannie616 March 7, 2009
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An office setup in which mobile workers do not have permanent desks or cubicles and so must reserve a workspace when they come into the office.
Consultant #1: I spend so much time at customer sites that I don't need an office.

Consultant #2: Welcome to the Wild World of Hotelling!
by JRob October 26, 2005
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A towel, typically stolen from a fashionable or expensive hotel, worn around the neck to mop up persiration and as a display of personal status.
Question: "Dutchy, where you get that hotel?"
Answer: "The Marriott."
Reply: "Noice!"
by cheddy October 5, 2004
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originally a Hotel Bar - a place where men would go after work and get as pissed as a 2 bob watch then stay the night at one of the many top floor rooms provided, but times have changed and most Hotels are now discoteques and cafe bars, although the few that still remain in there original form are places where drunken unemployed bums spend there days drinking rather than trying to find work, at night there are darts competitions
by Brother Number One May 6, 2004
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A woman will will let you stay the night inside. For a price.
Joe: I'm looking for a hotel tonight.

Bob: Try the red-light district.
by Joey702 September 5, 2008
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a place to take ur hoe and have her tell every body
i took that hoe to the hotel and she told every body
by 22222 November 15, 2007
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A tower that consists of different level and rooms in Pewdiepie’s Terraria series. First known resident of this structure is Connor (though he never really was invited). Some say that when the old IKEA tower flew to the skies it found its way to the world of Terraria.
Gamer 1: where did the video old Ikea tower go?

Gamer 2: oh it apparently landed on the land of Terraria and has now been renamed IKEA hotel.

Gamer 1: Very Nice!
by SomeRandomDudeOnTheInternet1 December 2, 2019
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