A euphimism for "mind your own business". Mainly used by bros who can't speak on something their friend did without breaking the bro code. Originated from people on vacation who saw others (mainly those on business trips) in the hotel lobby engaging in behaviour that they most likely would not want anyone knowing about (particularly their spouses/families).
Example 1:
Guy 1: Yo that chick in the dress is snuffling a lot, and is getting way too feely with that guy who's clearly a male escort. She hasn't even taken off her wedding ring yet.
Girl 1: Ay man, hotel lobby. I'd hate to be her husband though.

Example 2:

Bro 1: Man that frat party last night was wild, we gotta do that next weekend!
Bro 2: Is it true that Bro 3 had a threeway? His girlfriend wouldn't stop texting him asking him where he was and all she got was an 8 ball pool!
Bro 1: If you wanna know, you gotta ask him yourself man. Hotel Lobby.
by TrapstarK September 6, 2021
Hotel lobby is a place in which Josephine and Hero met in. They always talk about it when asked about their chemistry to try and hide the fact that they’re in love.
Question: how did you build that chemistry?

Josephine and hero: “wE mEt iN a hOtEl lObBy
by annatoddherself April 20, 2019