A regular shower, but with me in it.
Shower: "I'm just a regular shower."
*Altrows walks into the shower.*
Shower: "Man, I'm a Hot shower."
by DTROWS December 8, 2013
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The act of urinating on your significant other whilst they are sleeping
This morning as my girlfriend was asleep I ran her a hot shower whilst she was sleeping so when she woke up she would have a nice surprise
by Rob'n'Joe April 11, 2014
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Person 1: Sorry I took so long, i took a hot shower
Person 2: TMI
by Snoipeh November 18, 2015
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Girls put their back against the tiles and feet up on the edge of the bath Guys, slot in between her legs
boys love making hot shower sex
by Starr June 2, 2004
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When someone is so warm, its like a hot shower
Desiree is so warm, She is like a hot shower
by The SUHI DEVIL March 20, 2012
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One person lays the other person in the middle of a blanket naked. They then begin to urinate and deficate onto the persons face.Then roll them in the blanket and begin to have intercourse with the said persons anus.
Giving some one a hot shower and p.j's isn't a first date type of thing. It's usaly better to save for the third or fourth month of dating!
by J.P Johnson-Reed January 27, 2011
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When you fill a salt shaker with your cum then boil it and pour it on your bitch to assert your dominance.
I gave Laquysha a white hot shower last night.
by Weeb Boo October 26, 2017
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