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girls body part that boys love to Squeeze and girls don't like it
<boy> let me Squeeze your breast

<girl> hell no! do you even know how that feels
by Starr June 03, 2004

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Girls put their back against the tiles and feet up on the edge of the bath Guys, slot in between her legs
boys love making hot shower sex
by Starr June 02, 2004

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Australian slang, someone wishing to be the teacher's favorite
<teacher>come up here Jack

<kids> crawler!crawler! Jack is a crawler
by Starr June 03, 2004

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A bag filled with dirt.
When I opened the dirtbag, no dirt was to be found!
by Starr February 11, 2005

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when a boy gets married has sex then leaves his wife behind and let her suffer pregancy by herself
<woman and man making sex> ooh aah ooh

<woman and man after making sex> i'm so out of breath

<man>I'm such a usera

<woman> bitch
by Starr June 03, 2004

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1. A pretty container attached to a long strap which a woman may sling over her shoulder. She uses it to carry her ID cards and other items of a personal nature.
2. A woman's dog tags and collar.
Q. Can I see some identification?
A. Sure, let me check my purse...(jingle, jingle, jingle)...ah, here it is.
by starr March 09, 2005

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