The act of shoving an open bottle of tobasco sauce in an ass and then riding a horse.
"We were at the ranch so I gave my girl the ol' hot and spicy last night."
by Ahahahahaoooowwwww September 3, 2014
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cop, five-O, police, ect.
Dat ho actin weird, I think she hot and spicy...I ain't goin back to prison!
by Dirty September 18, 2003
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When two people are engaged in an intense make-out session, and then having sex.
Where are Jerome and Edwina?

Getting hot and spicy in his car.
by McNaasstty May 24, 2011
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po-po, 5-0, po-leazy, the police
that mofo actin up
the hot and spicy gon be hurr soon
by Murphizzle McGrizzle November 22, 2003
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something really out of the ordinary/obscene. can be physically hot and/or spicy but usually isn’t. loud, crazy, sassy and metaphorically hot. for example, a couple can be hot n spicy. this phrase can also be used as an exclamation for when you are surprised. if used that way, can be used interchangeably with words such as and i oop
dang that’s really hot n spicy”
by skskskskskskandioopandiscoop September 4, 2019
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The act of dipping ones penis into a large container of hot sauce and then getting a blow job.
Stefan gave a hot and spicy cheeto to Kyle and his mouth burned for days.
by HelloKitty4042 October 17, 2010
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a frequent police patrolled area
or a narcotics agent with undercover agents
Yo I'm tryna buy that....that ..shit I heard you got it naw ni99a you smell hot n spicy to me.

Yo ni99a you going to the park to light up that jibby?
Hell naw ni99a its hot n spicy in the muddafucka
by Silex Proctor May 17, 2004
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