A way to get past filters in certain chat rooms when wanting to say nigga, replacing the "g" with "9". Some people use it in their screen names, too.
So hit me up on that chat site, my screen name is ni99a4reel
by Spiderkid January 3, 2006
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when little white kids talk online and instead of saying nigga they type ni99a...it's because they're too scared of typing the word out because they're afraid of getting their asses kicked by some actual black guys
CoolKid200: some black guys beat the shit out me today

MikeJones123: what a frickin ni99a
by pablo rainman April 23, 2006
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British meaning(N word)
American meaning(Yo mum)
Ni99a is the kind of word you use in games like RoBlOx or MiNeCrAfT to swear without getting banned

#Ni99a give me wood
by PussyFagNiggaWhite69 November 22, 2018
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