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something that is hot, banging, off the chain, cool, etc.
Yo those jeans are hotshit!
This store has some hotshit.
Or when someone shows you something you like, say "HOTSHIT!" <-- used by philadelphians.
by BaBiEdoll November 26, 2003
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Someone who thinks they are the best
You think your hot shit on a siver platter, but youre really just cold piss on a paper plate
by PurpleCowMan April 06, 2002
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At the top of the game, walk and talk like your the fucking Peso Grande. (Even and most likey if you aren't)
"That little freshmen was walking around like he was the 'hot shit.' I really want to beat his ass!"
by Riley Tuck May 08, 2006
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someone who thinks they're so cool and all that but they're really a piece of sh*t!
Person A:Look at that girl! Everyone's around her. . .

Person B: She thinks she's awesome, but she's really hot-shit.
by picklefairy November 26, 2011
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