Someone who thinks they are the best
You think your hot shit on a siver platter, but youre really just cold piss on a paper plate
by PurpleCowMan April 7, 2002
something that is hot, banging, off the chain, cool, etc.
Yo those jeans are hotshit!
This store has some hotshit.
Or when someone shows you something you like, say "HOTSHIT!" <-- used by philadelphians.
by BaBiEdoll November 27, 2003
one who thinks they are the greatest person alive (usually male)
You aint no hot shit, but you deserve a reward.
by Light Joker April 11, 2005
Often placed all over one's chest in an expression of joy over an exceptional event.
man wins lottery: "Oh, hot shit all over my chest"
by Harry Johnson II October 3, 2005
man: "Agatha, what shall we have for breakfast this morning?"
woman: "Spotted goat dicks with hot shit dipping sauce my dear."
man: "Lovely and refreshing."
by Anonymous October 2, 2003
The "Best". Similar to The Shit.

"Hot Shit" and "The Shit" both originated as inner-city terms to describe high-quality people, women, items or drug substances. IE, "this joint is HOT Shit."

The terms Hot Shit and The Shit are both very interesting oxymorons. The amusing part of it is that without "Hot" or "The", an entirely different meaning applies. For example: His shirt is "shit" = an ugly, crap shirt. -VERSES- His shirt is "hot shit" = a kick-ass, awesome shirt. The words "hot" and "the" denote the superiority.
Allison - "Hey, Afton, where did you get that Hot Shit T-Shirt with that nasty-cool "Fuck The World, I Eat My Sister" artwork on it?"

Afton - "What? Don't you know, Allison? Everybody who's rude-cool and halfway-hip gets their t-shirts at "World Famous" Evan Steel's!"
by Evan Steel ( October 28, 2009