Afton is a girl who is absolutely stunning. She loves animals. She is really smart and funny. She is awesome at sports. She has stubbornness running in her veins. She is really sassy. She is even sassy to teachers. She loves to go places. She is constantly on the move. She talks a lot. This is why I am proud to be an Afton myself.
Afton loves to play with her dog.
by Affytaffy123 June 03, 2018
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The most awesomest female I have ever met in my 16 years of life.
You can try as hard as as you want, you are still not going to be an Afton.
by BlenderB February 14, 2009
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An Afton is a beautiful girl that is one of a kind. She can be sassy and sarcastic, but when it comes down to it she’s a true friend and an amazing girlfriend. If you happen to find an Afton never let her go.
Dude 1: “yo I think I saw an Afton the other day”
Dude 2: “no way man they are one of a kind
Dude 3: “oh you mean her? Yea she’s mine, forever.”
by him <3 ;) December 30, 2018
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