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Word orginated at Vilanova Univeristy to describe the unbelievable bordem the students expierience on a daily basis. Can also be used to describe Garret Olsen
My god this school is HORST
My god this SPIT food is HORST
MY god Garret Olsen is so HORST
by Tyler Duden March 20, 2005
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In this situation a woman is laying on her back with her legs spread. The man masturbates and ejaculates into the air, arcing his semen into her waiting vagina.

Named after Horst Schultz, world record holder for long distance ejaculation, 18ft 9in.
Manny's girl made him a sandwich after he horst her from 8 feet away.
by jboned October 22, 2014
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Horst is a small town located in the Dutch province ''Limburg''. Most of the population excists out of 65+ oldies living in appartments. There are almost no poeple from 20 - 65 so the streets are filled with 16 year old crackheads. It has a huge college making half the town a sub-urb. The 2400 students killed of 99% of the redneck ppopulation and .introduced many shittie sub-cultures into Horst. 36% of them are neutral, 14% are beer lovers / low-dutch-rednecks who are allied with the neutrals
10% are wiggers, allied with the 5% real hip hoppers / wannebies.
another 15% are hardcore pussies, troublesome allied with the 10% metal- pussies.
3 procent is Dutch redneck / trailer scum , due to the dutch redneck / argicultural roots they're allied with nobody
7% are true Hip hoppers, /Metal /rockers / hardcore. They're surprisgly allied with each other.

Oh yes, actually 25% is Polish, but due to local racism they're not counted in they're not allied with anyone, but friends with the neutrals.

Due the failing sub cultures the streets are riddled with wannabe street gangs, wannabe whores, wannabe polish mafia's. Wich actually never insist in any crime
Joep:'' Damn, Horst is full of hard-core pussies.''

Johan: '' Damn, then you haven't seen the metal-pussies ''
by Crasio April 11, 2009
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