When 2 people kiss and/or fuck.
I agree, it depends on your region.
'I hooked up with your sister'
by Diego November 13, 2003
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Hooking up with someone, making out with them, but not going all the way. Regional usage; note that "hooking up" may mean you went all the way in some places.
"We hooked up last night"
"John and Katie hooked up at the party"
by your mom March 11, 2003
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When two people are making out and or having sex, which could lead to nothing or perhaps a relationship. ((pass tense))
Josh and Carrie hooked up already?!?
by Jessica L. December 11, 2005
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It usually means "got together" or "hung out" with someone.

I hooked up with James and Sarah on Friday, we watched a movie.
by deviance October 11, 2007
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1. Califorinia Penal System: Instruction from a guard (see BULL) to new prisoners who are being bussed out of the holding area (see the LOOP)to jail-proper, to connect their leg chains to a partner.

2. to cause the desired interaction.
1. "Let's get HOOKED UP, ladies! Move, Move, Move!"
2. "C'mon dude, you've know Allison for years: HOOK me UP!"
by mainframe November 1, 2003
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Putting yourself together for an evening out...
Makeup,hair,outfit and shoes...
She was all hooked up for an evening out.
by Angel B. January 4, 2006
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When someone is stoned, pissed or generally off their head after using drugs or drinking alcohol.
You were pretty hooked up last night when you spewed in that garden.
by god May 21, 2003
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