A slang term for sucking penis.
Guy 1: "Last night I was smoking pipe with the captain of the football team."

Guy 2: "You sucked his penis?"

Guy 1: "Totes!"
by KnowItAll45 December 25, 2010
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An alternative term for a blow job
"That girl's awesome man, I'd fuck her with my feet in boiling fat"

"Ah, but does she smoke the pipe? This is the question"

(best done in a Geordie or Scottish accent)
by Husky Bear September 14, 2009
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the act in soccer of ones ability to score at such ease that they can literally go up to the ball while smoking a pipe and tap in the ball into the open net
the cross came to our outside midfielder who easily was smoking the pipe for the winning goal
by SA Soccer October 3, 2005
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To smoke or suck on a man's pipe or penis
most commonly known as giving a blow job or sucking a guys dick.
Oh man I had Stacy smoke my pipe last night and oh my god she is a pro!

seriously dude

yeah she did deep exercises
by Doctor J January 6, 2008
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A metaphor that means to end a dispute, reach a treaty, or plainly speaking, make peace with an opponent. Draws from the Native American tradition of smoking the calumet as a sign of a treaty between warring chiefs.
I have never really seen eye to eye with Bob on budget allocations, but today we could smoke the peace pipe.
by killerdove November 20, 2011
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A phrase that means "to suck dick." Only gamers have gamer pipes and can call their penis a "gamer pipe."
"Dude, those two girls came over and smoked the gamer pipe while I beat The Witcher 3."

"Wow man, I wish girls would smoke the gamer pipe at my place."
by snarkeater September 13, 2018
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