A person who romanticizes or fetishizes homosexual relationship/couples/or romances. The person doesn't necessarily have to be homosexual themselves, on the contrary they tend to be heterosexuals that enjoy relationships between people of the opposite gender.
That straight guy fetishizes lesbian couples, he's a homophile.
That girls is a yaoi fangirl, she reads fanfiction about gay couples.
by correctorism August 29, 2013
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A heterosexual person who has an obsessive fascination with all things homosexual.
Spectators at the gay pride parade included not only the local gay community but hundreds of homophiles as well.
by The Original Etymologist December 28, 2013
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"Hey John, check out those sexy lesbians"
"Youre such a homophile Steve"
by Guildhunter92 August 10, 2020
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Someone who bends over backwards to advance any gay agenda item or position, no matter how outlandish. Someone with an unnatural attraction to all things "Gay"
The Left wing activist was a real homophile.
by Joe Narof September 3, 2003
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A homosexual person with an obsession with looking at gay pornography. Homophiles are generally very over-sexual and make it very apparent that they're gay.

From Norwegian "Homofile" meaning "gay".
Dude, Dylan is such a homophile. He wants to cum in my bellybutton.

Chris told me during English he wants to lick my nipples then cover me in ranch dressing... what a homophile!
by bauB June 11, 2008
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You know I just coined a new word.

Homophile: A person who loves wordplay in general and particularly puns formed by homphones.

Shakespear was a well known homophile.

I just call them homos for short.

Hence, most people who enjoy my writing are homos.
I said I don't have a soul, not sole you homophile!
by Lord Xantar April 9, 2005
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One who is obsessed with gaydom and is the complete antithesis of a homophobic person.

Origin: In biology, the suffix "philic" is used to describe attraction. For instance, something that is hydrophilic is attracted to water (while something that is hydrophobic is repelled by water.)
She is so homophilic--her ipod is filled with tracks from Tegan and Sara, the Indigo Girls, and Ani Difranco.

He is so homophilic--his ipod is filled with the Scissor Sisters, Elton John, and the Village People.
by Homophilics (H&I) March 22, 2005
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