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One who is obsessed with gaydom and is the complete antithesis of a homophobic person.

Origin: In biology, the suffix "philic" is used to describe attraction. For instance, something that is hydrophilic is attracted to water (while something that is hydrophobic is repelled by water.)
She is so homophilic--her ipod is filled with tracks from Tegan and Sara, the Indigo Girls, and Ani Difranco.

He is so homophilic--his ipod is filled with the Scissor Sisters, Elton John, and the Village People.
by Homophilics (H&I) March 22, 2005
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When a man likes men but isn't gay.
Person 1: Slappy likes men.
Person 2: I know, he's very homophilic.
Person 1: Yeah, but, Slappy likes men still.
Person 2: Of course, everyone knows that.
by thespanishone March 05, 2011
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