1) How black people say "harmony".

2) A large, swollen piece of corn that does not show up in your dookie the next day.
1) Let me aks you sumthin, do you think Boyz II Men or Bel Biv Devoe has better hominys? I think Boyz II Men has da best hominys on earf!

2)Please pass the Hominy O'brien.
by tbizzy2 October 13, 2022
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the result of cross breeding a homina with a homino
also known as an extremely cool and sexy kid
Tony: Dam those hominis have a very sex homina for a mom
by dun worry February 12, 2008
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An expression to show excitement or positive feelings. An intense feeling for something or someone.

Also, 120 calorie food item that dining facilities serve in Kuwait and Iraq for U.S. and NATO troops.
Hot Hominy Grits, that is one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen.
by berrywhite November 22, 2011
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Literal translation: humans are wolves for other people
Conceptual translation: humans are predating one each other
by Sir. B December 5, 2021
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Fun closed off alive person
Stop acting like such a Hominy.
Hey Ginger, Sorry meant Hominy.
by Daddy mintz June 7, 2017
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