A word, normally repeated three times, to express shock, befuddlement, or general speechlessness. Often when looking at a particularly attractive member of the speaker's favored sex. It probably comes from Ralph Kramden on "The Honeymooners."
Attractive Female: Hello.
Me: Homina homina homina.
by Mycroft November 16, 2006
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A sound you make when you see someone very attractive and beautiful. Similar to "hubba-hubba" or "a-woo-gah a-woo-gah" or "rwaaaarrr!"
Dude, that chick is so hot! Homina-homina-homina-homina-homina!
by Wookie November 21, 2003
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homina: a compacted way of saying "I am going to" which is changed to "I'm gonna" then at its more primitive state "homina". In some cases its repeated more than once as though being stuttered.
Over the phone dialogue between a software companies Rep and a Customer:

Customer: How am I going to receive the online software purchase I just made?

Service Rep: Homina, homina, email it to you here in a few minutes.
by cemrath March 28, 2008
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an environment or scenery that tells a story without having to explain it. Usually rich in detail.
"That war torn environment in that movie was totally hominae."
by Bouzou! February 06, 2009
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Traditional Classification System-taxonomy.
Hominini, Homininae, Hominidae.
Tribe, subfamily, family.
Humans are primate animals, especially during "the act".
If you say this fast it sounds like, "Homina, Homina, Homina!".
It's true-look it up-basic anthropology.
by menareapes April 01, 2009
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