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A word artsy people use when they don't actually have an explanation or strong idea for what they did. Basically in this sense, conceptual can also mean "my bullshit"
Art Professor: So what are you interested in doing?

Art Student: I'm thinking about doing a film, but not narrative or documentary or performance piece. Conceptually it's abstract and, uh....It's just a very conceptual piece.

Art Professor: You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

Art Student: No, no I don't.
by DizzySnazzle January 19, 2011
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Conceptual art is a newer form of art that focuses more on ideas than on pleasing visuals or traditional beauty. it is a response to older forms of art. People will label it modern art. Conceptual art is not always abstract art but sometimes is. Conceptual art is often labeled pretentious because most mainstream people have trouble understanding it. a conceptual album for instance is an album that may tell an overall story. post modernism
conceptual ideas are found everywhere. pink floyd's the wall is a conceptual album.
by eazy-X May 16, 2008
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