A word artsy people use when they don't actually have an explanation or strong idea for what they did. Basically in this sense, conceptual can also mean "my bullshit"
Art Professor: So what are you interested in doing?

Art Student: I'm thinking about doing a film, but not narrative or documentary or performance piece. Conceptually it's abstract and, uh....It's just a very conceptual piece.

Art Professor: You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

Art Student: No, no I don't.
by DizzySnazzle January 19, 2011
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C++20 concepts enable complete conceptualization of the C++ language. No longer does your code have to actually do anything. Rather, it can conceptualize concepts into abstract templated classes purely for aesthetics with no functional value.
The conceptualization brought about by C++20 concepts demonstrates how C++ is becoming less of a "practical" language and more of a "toy" language. You literally spend most of your fucking time creating the most contrite complex way to represent an otherwise simple object using templates, enums, const, constexpr, and other stuff. It's fun and it gets you high, but you ultimately waste most of your time figuring out the most expressive possible way to write code and totally lose sight of the end goal of actually getting stuff done and making things happen.
by Bad C dev March 5, 2021
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Conceptuality is a combination of complex creative, critical and concise conceptions.
Conceptuality is like when you meet a girl, you think about all the possible things that could happen, or need to happen in order to get with her and/or have a future relationship with. Pretty much I met a girl and wrote a sweet definition, hope you enjoy.
by apratt_30 September 8, 2007
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To make concepted.

Conceptuation- The process of becoming concepted.
I'm currently atempting to conceptuate my concept.

My concept is currently under conceptuation.
by datreefrog December 6, 2007
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Conceptual art is a newer form of art that focuses more on ideas than on pleasing visuals or traditional beauty. it is a response to older forms of art. People will label it modern art. Conceptual art is not always abstract art but sometimes is. Conceptual art is often labeled pretentious because most mainstream people have trouble understanding it. a conceptual album for instance is an album that may tell an overall story. post modernism
conceptual ideas are found everywhere. pink floyd's the wall is a conceptual album.
by eazy-X May 16, 2008
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a Conceptual male is a male that is simply singular and doesn’t care about or abide by the socio sexual hierarchy having a few traits the sigma male does but being ambivert and gains female attention while still looking average, but what makes them the conceptual male is that they just don’t give af about social standards pleasing how they want which can also make them somewhat narcissistic in some aspects, but they’re passionate about the things the like wether it be comics to cars to tv shows and are very happy to show that publicly too. Traits you’ll find in a conceptual male: fair, self aware, insensitive, logical, desensitized, lack of guilt, dynamic, comical and loving.
This man is clearly a conceptual male
“I’m a conceptual male”
Conceptual male vibes
by taitoex December 4, 2021
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Adj. concepts concerning sexual intercorse usually sexual role play (i.e batman and robin) or when holding a fidget spinner
I had conceptual sex after looking at that horse.

Pennsylvanian: I think I just had conceptual sex.

New Jerseyian: you thinkin about your cousin again lol .
by Yar big daddy July 2, 2017
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