code word for "schools without poor visible minorities" mostly found in lily-white suburban and exurban areas.

Used mostly as a code word along middle and upper-middle class white people who believe culturally insulating their children will lead to them growing up to be successful consumabots.
Steve and Chloe moved out of the city and bought a 5,000 sq. ft McMansion in East West Bumfucksville to send their daughters Madison and Taylor to the good schools found there.
by smd80 August 21, 2008
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Good School District

- De Facto Segregation.

- A code phrase developed by bourgeois Whites to mask their latent racism.

- Any Upper Middle Class White neighborhood that is blissfully free of blacks and latinos. The whites will be quick to point out the Jew accountant, Indian engineer and Korean doctor as proof of their neighborhood’s diversity.
Emily and Aaron decided that the city was no place to raise their children so they bought a 3500 sqft Rambler in a Good School District.

Lower Class White: “I don’t want to live around niggers and spics”

Upper Class White: “We’re looking for a house in a good school district
by Kirby Stompson August 11, 2011
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A bunch of preppy bitches that think they are all that, but really, they all are gay, and the guys have one inch pinches.
"hey do you guys like the Good Shepard School kids?"
"No! they are homos"
by Winning1993 May 3, 2011
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Former all boys school that added girls for the enterainment. Most nude photos u recieve come from the girls here. The guys football team is decent but our j.v. could beat them. People go here if u dont get accepted the Prep or Holy Cross. Only better then Gonzaga and seton...and that cause everyone is better then Gonzaga and seton
Bro check this pic
Dude where does she go to school??
Good Counsel High School
haha o yea pretty obvious

Dude who do u guys play today?
Good Counsel High School
haha dont fall asleep
by PaMOPP April 21, 2008
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Good Shepherd, more like Great Shepherd. jokes. A cheap ass private school located in Dallas, TX, where the guys are jerks and won't make any effort to hang out with the girls because they are "weird" and will just hang out with girls at other schools. Such as the Hockahoes, and the girls that are getting and Education of Sex and Drugs. The girls think they are all that and try to be someone they aren't, but in reality, no one knows who they are. The graduates usually feed into Ursuline and Jesuit as well as all of the catholic schools in Dallas. There high school descitions explain there lack of knowledge and the effort they actually put into school work. They ones who actually think for themselves and don't go where everyone else goes, end up at better schools like St. Marks, Hockaday, ESD, Greenhill, and Parish. Good Shepherd has poor athletics and acedemics which is why no one goes there. These kids have no interaction with other schools which make them pretty unknown. These kids aren't ready for high school. They need to squeeze they way into the outer world somehow. This school is mixed with rich and poor. The rich disguise themselves an the poor are obsessed with there richness (I can think of a few examples). good shepherd is free of bullies, but full of cliques. no one judges forgets judged. everyone stays in there circle. Gshep needs one big wake up call and they all need to realize that they are butchering there social life by going to that hell hole.
kid from big private school: what school do you go to?

gshep kid: Good Shepherd Episcopal School

kid from big private school: what the hell is that

kid from catholic school: i know people who who there

gshep kid: figures
by hint... not currently at gshep November 27, 2017
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