Its the same as damn, but you pronounce the sound of the "Y". You usually say it after something dramatic happens or when some gnarly stuff goes down. The word "son" is put after it lots of times so it makes it sound more buttery.
*some dude dumps his girlfriend*
random on-looker" DAYUMN SON!

*a rapper throws down a sick rhyme"
everyone: DAYUMN NIGGAZ!
by IndieRockerHiggins July 30, 2009
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Another word for "damn", except that the "y" and "u" are pronounced too.
1: Dayumn, Jylie Kenner is so rich!
2: Look at him, he's so dayumn boring.
by termaq July 6, 2020
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dayumn, she hot as heeell
by rebeccagorod April 29, 2021
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