1. The week where you school makes you dress up every day in their "cool themes" and everyone only cares about pajama day.

2. The week where the tortured spirits of your school's past whisper in the staffs ears to make you wear their weird themed clothes and eventually have an extremely stupid spirit rally at the end of the week where you're supposed to wear your school's colors to show your "pride" but you really just go to laugh at the teachers who try to make it honestly "fun"
1. "Are you going to do spirit week next week?" "Nah I'll probably just do pajama day 'cause I won't have to put in any effort."

2. "Dude are you excited for the pep rally on Friday?" "No I'm only doing spirit week to please the spirits so that I'll pass finals."
by Wreck_Walls December 10, 2018
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Battle of the grades, seniors always win
Ex: dude the seniors won this years spirit week rally againnnnn #seniornation
by Crayyyyyyyy February 14, 2015
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