The term referring to the game golf and getting a hole in one, but instead your shooting you cum at your girl and trying to get it in her mouth, on the first try. It's a very fun game to play with your girl.
Allison: Hey babe wanna go play mini golf tonight?
Timmy: Nah babe I think we should stay home and play Hole-In-Cum!
by OGhypebeast69 March 10, 2017
used to describe a woman who loves sex or maybe a whore.
my girlfriend dumped me but it's ok she was just a three holed cum catcher anyway.
by badgerlicker April 16, 2009
When a man attempts to shoot his cum in a woman's mouth, but the man is 20 feet away from the woman and at a social event such as a tailgate.
Did the Packers win?
Nah but Steve played corn hole cum hole with his wife at the tailgate.
by Austin Corn November 9, 2015
"Tongue my hole and make me cum !" is what a guy says if he wants to be rimmed and have a rim-gasm.
Matt came back from the gym, got naked, flopped on his bed with his legs up and sweaty asshole exposed, and said "Tongue my hole and make me cum !
by eda-skip October 9, 2021