5 definitions by OGhypebeast69

The term referring to the game golf and getting a hole in one, but instead your shooting you cum at your girl and trying to get it in her mouth, on the first try. It's a very fun game to play with your girl.
Allison: Hey babe wanna go play mini golf tonight?
Timmy: Nah babe I think we should stay home and play Hole-In-Cum!
by OGhypebeast69 March 10, 2017
Its just like putting a USB in your computer and putting information on it,but instead you put your penis inside your woman, and when you pull it out, you got all of her information, right there on your penis.
Chris: Yo Liam I heard you and your chick had sex?
Liam: Yeah bro, I even pulled a flash-drive on her!
by OGhypebeast69 March 9, 2017
When she sucks on your pubes instead.
Carter: Heyo Ben how was your night? Heard you were with your girl?
Ben: It fucking sucks she gave me a Spaghetti Blow Job.
by OGhypebeast69 March 12, 2017
When your girl feels on your pubes like they are noodles in spaghetti.
DJ: Ayo Matt how was last night with Tasha?
Matt: It could have been better, she only gave me a Spaghetti Hand Job.
by OGhypebeast69 March 13, 2017
When a girl has a bad case of crabs in her pubic hairs, but her man still eats the pussy like its a cake.
Michael: Hey Liam how was you night with Braylee?
Liam: It was great! She let me eat her Crab Cake!
by OGhypebeast69 March 8, 2017