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A ho from the trailer park Who doesn't know who her baby's daddy is. Making money for her crystal meth addiction she will do everything for 20 bucks.
that hoho gave me herpes man she's so nasty.
by L&Ldreambigger April 11, 2015
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1. those tasty chocolate cake roll things with the icing in them
2. wannabe whore
1. mmmm, boy i could really go for a hoho right now...
2. look at that damn hoho over there...ew
by ReneeIsMe March 21, 2006
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a word related to the slang term twinkie (asian on the outside, white on the inside). this refers to a person of black descent who is dark on the outside, but has Caucasian characteristics on the inside. much like the universally loved snack known as the hoho.
"girl, you a vegan?! you be one hoho, bitch!"

"oh no that hoho didn't just call me a misogynistic cretin!"
by sergeant meow September 21, 2008
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Chubby little delicious roll of shit that turns into lard when consumed.
Wow did you eat a ho ho because your legs look like two chunks of lard when you move.
by Poo poo July 31, 2003
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