1. those tasty chocolate cake roll things with the icing in them
2. wannabe whore
1. mmmm, boy i could really go for a hoho right now...
2. look at that damn hoho over there...ew
by ReneeIsMe March 22, 2006
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The laugh of Enchantcy
Enchantcy: hoho i just pwned a noob
by Brandon-N-C June 12, 2008
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a word related to the slang term twinkie (asian on the outside, white on the inside). this refers to a person of black descent who is dark on the outside, but has Caucasian characteristics on the inside. much like the universally loved snack known as the hoho.
"girl, you a vegan?! you be one hoho, bitch!"

"oh no that hoho didn't just call me a misogynistic cretin!"
by sergeant meow September 21, 2008
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someone who meets these similarties between them and hohos

1. sounds like a whore but isnt
2. comes in a pack of 42... has had 42 boyfriends
3. nobody knows whats in them but you know theyre full of crap
4. they arent good for you at all
5. people avoid them
6. they look good but are only good in moderation
emily is such a hoho; she always cheats and says shes mexican but shes not.
by mp_thug_for_life_yo September 25, 2006
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the ho that my husband was rollin with while I worked and raised our babies
why you have to lie about runnin around with hoho, while i raise the kids.

I divorced your cheap ass cause you were rollin with hoho
by willsmithwhite July 19, 2019
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A person oh is young,naive,and usually has a question mark on the end of every sentence.Also a post whore on the internet furoms and chat rooms.
Kevin is a HOHO! Kevin can be such a HOHO on the WWW.
by Jack Meoff February 10, 2005
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1. A less mean way of calling someone a ho. see hobag
2. Someone who flirts alot but acts sorta "gay" . see fagolicious
3. A chocolate snack with creamy vanilla-y stuff in the middle.
4. A prostitute on the street that doesn't get nuthin.
1. Your such a hoho sally.
2. Name1: your so hot i love you hahaaha your so cute.
Name2: really?
Name1: omg yeah
Name2: you hoho.
3. MMmmm... hoho's are good, but not healthy.
4. BigdaddyPimp doesn't even wanna get it on with sally and he is an ugly fat man pimp.
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