"HOHA members hate mountain bicyclists with a fervor exceeding that of rabid wolverines."
by MiPio April 25, 2013
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1. A nonsensical word 2. A strange greeting 3. A word used to refer to silliness
Hoha! What's been up lately?

What's this hoha you're trying to pass off as true?
by ofthestars1 June 6, 2009
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i almost lose it when i am held by your friendly flesh but do you want to hoha?
by tribe-founding November 4, 2020
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ChaoticLord4 is an HOHA
I’m going to kick your ass in a 1v1 extreme rules match you HOHA!
by Krash81 January 22, 2022
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"Hoha" is a terrorist organization that has set up numerous attacks on USA bases in the Middle East. It is suspected they have relations to the attack on 9/11, 2001.
"That guy has a bomb at the furry convention and is part of Hoha. God speed."
by Retarded Bart April 8, 2021
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