Hitler was an equal opportunities campaigner and is largely credited for the invention of so-called positive discrimination/affirmative action although he is thought by some to have taken political correctness way to far. Hitler’s political system was known PC (political correct) fascism or PC Nazism.
Hitler 's ideas are PC fascism gone mad.

You are a Politically Correct Nazi Fascist.
by Aranz February 25, 2009
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An Austrian guy who was basically the leader of Nazi Germany. He was responsible for the holocaust, first anti smoking campaign, invention of the blow up doll, and a few other things. He was mostly a good man, but the fact that he killed a shit ton of Jews makes people think of him as a horrible man. But he was definitely not the worst.
Hitler killed many Jews during the holocaust
by nedboi666 September 05, 2016
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Great leader who managed to take over a government and almost took over Europe. For this he should get the "crazy military leader of the forever award."
Hitler was a Bad Ass who most people refer to him as "crazy" but you have to ask yourself "WWHD" What Would Hitler Do?
by Scott on the hill November 04, 2007
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The original emo kid. Wrote Mein Kampf (my stuggle) and probably would have posted it on livejournal if he had one.
see: emo
dear livejournal,
today my girlfriend and i are gonna kill ourselves. it'll be totally rad. i also got this super cool haircut that covers my eyes and makes me look like a super cool emo kid.
by mystarsdied April 30, 2007
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even though hitler did alot of bad things for this world, he did some good, he created the autobahn which the US freeways are based off of, the man had an amazing ability to lead a group as a leader, he didnt always do the right thing, but influinced the world in a big way
hitler crated the autobahn, the us freeways are based off of it
by Ryan Squillace April 07, 2006
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