A freaking genius, but with warped values.
Person 1-'Hitler was all bad.'
Person 2-'Um, actually, he did many good things. He got everybody back to work during the depression. He also gave youth something to look forward to. He also cut a man's penis off if he did anyting wrong (sexually) towards a woman. Okay, sure, I don't agree with the killing of the Jews, but still, maybe research things before you make assumptions. And also, he was born in Western Germany, not Austria.'
by Peopleneedtoshuttheeffup August 12, 2010
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A true leader, who had the power to control millions of people with his words. Though most don't agree with his ideas, only a fool would deny his natural leadership capabilities.
Hitler was really a Jew.
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Leader of the Nazi Party, which in 1939 started World War 2. Hitler hated people of the Jewish descent, and killed 6 million jews in a time period known as the Holocaust. Aproaching the end of WW2, with the allied forces surounding Berlin, Hitler commited Suicide.
Heh. Adolf Hitler was a real cunt.
by 1337 Fork July 30, 2005
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