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A word taken from Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series meaning a pawn of fate, i.e. one who has hope but no real choices.
The Maid of Constant Sorrow is nothing but a ka-mai.
by Wail Halls May 29, 2007
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When you have to go the bathroom so badly you pee a little into your clothing to relieve some of the pressure. If you're at this stage then odds are very high you're not gonna make it to the bathroom in time.
"Dude! Did you see the back of Kayla's skirt when she rushed out?"
"Hell yeah! She must have let loose a gully washer during class."
"And did you see her after she ran into the hall? She, like, just started pissing onto the floor and it was, like, wierd!"
by Wail Halls May 04, 2006
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Refers to any long, seemingly pointless test taken at the end of a school year. Usually spans from one whole day to a week, maybe even two weeks. Examples of B.S.T.s are the CRCT, ITBS, and SAT.
"Hey, ready to take the math portion of the CRCT today?"
"Dude, that's such a B.S.T. it ain't even funny."
by Wail Halls April 12, 2006
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An evil dinasaur that hangs around with little kids and eats them. That's why there's different kids on almost every show.
Kid: Aaaaaaaaahhhhh help meeeeeeeeee -- *is cut off)!!!!
Barney: Finger-lickin' good!
by Wail Halls September 14, 2006
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The difference between satanism and atheism: Satanism is a religion, Atheism is the lack of religion. It shocks me how so many people on here have mistaken the two. And just because someone is atheist doesn't mean they are so because they believe in science alone.
I am atheist because there are things in the Bible that I don't agree with, such as its take on homosexuality. I also want to be able to read whatever I want, including stuff that may have so-called "witchcraft" in it.

by Wail Halls September 11, 2006
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The section of Borders bookstore where all the porn is hidden, believe it or not.
Dude, have you been the psychology section before? There's a whole wall of erotica in there! You've GOT to check it out!
by Wail Halls September 20, 2006
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