If your hands curled up are fists then your feet curled up are Hists.
by uttabull September 4, 2010
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similar to fisting yet using the head instead of the fist.
she just got histed, her vag is like a valley, man!!!
by dermot ryan July 31, 2005
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Harsh + Fist= Hist
I'm going to hit you in the mouth with my hist Darrelle, don't you ever attempt to bang my mom.
by ManiacDave2009 July 5, 2009
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a parental-approved version of "shit", like ish
I been doing that hist since last year, bro. I'm old school
by Anonymous December 12, 2002
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A phrase that signifies agreement and enjoyment. The word "hist" is a derivative of history. To make "hist" is to have a grand time with pals. One may say "fuck it, hist" in exchange for "Yes, that sounds like fun."
Friend #1: "Hey bro, do you want to go drive to Chicago to partake in a Cubs game?"

Friends #2, #3, and #4: "Fuck it, Hist!"
by Jeff Hornacek August 14, 2008
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to express something in a large amount
damn! i got a hist load of shit to do
by Jarret March 25, 2004
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