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to show those bloody wankers that you still have your plucking finger originated in the hundred years war. often used in New York City as a way to say hello.
oi you bloody wankers I still have my plucking finger and my longbow! oh and here is a sentence with the word middle finger in it.
by Jarret August 24, 2007

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Jarret is ryuranzou
he is a cool guy sometimes.. but he can be a pain also he likes to play video games alot too much and needs to find something to do
ryuranzou just killed (someone with a fucked up name on the internet) with (something that is not the best weapon, ex: pistol)
by Jarret June 23, 2004

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In Double Dragon 3 Which is how I came up with my name on the internet Which is RyuRanzou, if you put a space between Ryu and Ranzou it makes Ryu Ranzou which is my internet name basically I was born 5 years ago on the internet.
Yangu Ranzou is a good helper of Billy and Jimmy from Double Dragon 3 same with Chin
by Jarret August 14, 2004

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a description of how harsh pot is on the throat
Man that pot wasnt harsh at all, it was fairly smooth
by Jarret May 31, 2004

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ONE OF THE BEST RAP GROUPS...alongside with D-12 and Beastie Boys...It is made up by 4 people(50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Youngbuck and Tony Yayo) some people like em and some people dont...but to play gangsta music u must first off be a gangsta then leave the business n turn to music
G-Unit stands for Gorilla Unit or Gun-It (if ur smart enough to find it)
by Jarret August 01, 2004

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to express something in a large amount
damn! i got a hist load of shit to do
by Jarret March 24, 2004

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