> The unfortunate person that has to squeeze your dogs asshole so it splurts all over...sometimes on you

> Someone who gets bit by a dog and the owner says “I don’t believe he bit you he’s never bit anyone!” (When you know damn well he has) where’s the sympathy?

> Someone that makes your dog beautiful and doesn’t always get tipped. Do you tip YOUR hairstylist every time?

> A majician. That’s what dog owners think anyway, “ I brushed him last night so just a light trim would be good.” And the hair is matted to the skin! Abracadabra! Your dog now looks like a naked mole rat because you can’t brush it every now and then.

> The one that answers the phone on Christmas Eve and has to listen to someone rant about how they need their giant schnauzer groomed TODAY. And then they freak out totally puzzled at the fact that you can’t get them in.
Woo hoo it’s saturday! Oh wait I’m a dog groomer.
by Pibblelover January 6, 2019
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