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Really dumb things that blondes say. They tend to run in yoga pants and weird things that don't make sense.
Jan: "When we cry to our emotions come out in our tears?"
Mark: "God Jan that is such a hillaryism"

Sean: "I think I'm going to have a hamburger for lunch."
Sophia: "Why would you want a hamburger thats gross!"
Sean: "How is a hamburger gross?"
Sophia: "Ew because it's made of ham!"
Sean: SMDH *wtf hillaryism"
by skeetskeetme007 April 17, 2011
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Scapegoating a political loss or mistake by using McCarthyism, deep state subversion, hysteria in media, and identity politics.
Flynn got burned by Hillaryism but Session wasn' t having any of it and said "You tell me Senator!"
by TheRealOX June 16, 2017
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